Release Notes - February 25th, 2022

Today’s release features the following updates and improvements:

Bug Fixes

  • The “Contact Us" feature in the Support menu of the navigation bar is functioning properly again.
  • Admin users with DB Management>Report Permissions will properly retain their permissions to all saved reports (and thus will always appear in the list of users you can select when Sharing a report, too).
  • The new page instructions icon will no longer appear on certain PDF print outs.
  • For camps with our Staff module, the responsive Staff Dashboard sidebar greeting no longer displays HTML code.
  • For camps with our Staff module, admins using the responsive admin design can successfully email a generated contract to a staff person again.


  • Enrollment requests on the Enrollment Requests page now display the camper’s age and grade. Soon, we’ll roll out the ability to filter requests by age/grade as well.
  • The profile page Quick Notes feature now includes a scrollbar to easily view the entire contents.
  • For camps with our Staff module, application questions added to the Basic Info page now display in the same responsive design as the rest of the application. Also the descriptor for mandatory questions now accurately states that mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk - not bolded text.
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