Enrollment Requests

An enrollment request is created each time the enrollment form is submitted. When a camp is using manual enrollment processing mode, each enrollment request must be manually processed after the enrollment form is submitted. When a camp is using automatic enrollment mode, each enrollment request will be processed automatically at the time the enrollment form is submitted.

To view all enrollment requests, select Enrollment Requests from the Campers menu on the navigation bar.

Enrollment Request Filters

Use filters to customize which/how enrollment requests are displayed on the page.

  1. Filter requests for a specific camp year
  2. Change the number of requests that display per page
  3. Change how requests are sorted (oldest first; newest first; or alphabetical order)
  4. Filter enrollment requests that contain a specific enrollment option  
  5. Filter enrollment requests that contain a specific session


Enrollment Request Tabs

  1. "New" enrollment requests have not yet been processed. They can either be enrolled, waitlisted, or rejected. 
  2. "Approved" enrollment requests have already been approved (the camper was enrolled).
  3. "Waitlisted" enrollment requests have not been approved or rejected, but placed onto a “waitlist”. Waitlisted requests may later be enrolled or rejected.
  4. "Rejected" enrollment requests have been denied, and the camper was not enrolled into the requested session(s).


Enrollment Request Information

  1. The camper's profile photo (if one has been uploaded)
  2. The camper's full name
  3. The timestamp of when the request was submitted
  4. The enrollment options that were requested
  5. A link to the PDF copy of the registration contract generated for this request
  6. The payment information entered on the request
  7. The actions that can be taken towards this request

 Note: Campers may only request a particular enrollment option once for a given year (unless an admin manually deletes the request containing that option from the "Enrollment Requests" tab on the camper's profile page).

To learn about how to approve an enrollment request, read our "Approving Enrollment Requests" article.

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