Admin user permissions

Each admin user in your database has individual permission settings that determine their level access for each module in your Campsite database. To manage a user's permissions, expand the Admin user's account and navigate to the "Permissions" section.

Click the name of a module to view/manage this user's permissions settings for it.

"Enable module for this user"

To grant a user access to a module, you must first click "Enable module for this user." When a module is enabled, the user will receive read-only access to the information within that module.

After a module has been enabled for the user, you may then choose to grant them additional access by check-marking specific permissions listed for the module.  

DB Management

  • Admin: Allows this user to access the DB Management admin settings for your database (i.e. access to the DB Management tab of the Admin settings page and all the settings therein - e.g. add/edit/delete users in your database; access the Rollover Wizard; edit your Parent Dashboard theme; etc.) This permission should only be granted to the most trusted users.
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