Where can I see donations towards a specific family?

Donations that are applied to a specific family's account are called extended payments. Extended payments are initiated by an admin, through a payment request.

Family profile page

To view the extended payments applied to a family's account:

  1.  Go to the family's profile
  2. Open the Financial tab
  3. In the Transactions tab, look at the Donor payments table

Financial Reports

You can generate all donation payments in the Transaction Log report along with your camper/event transactions.

Or, use the General Donations or Payment Requests reports to generate donation payments only.

Donor Profiles

To view a log of every payment request for a specific donor by year (plus the family that each extended payment is for):

  1. Go to the Donor's profile page   
  2. Open the relevant year tab   
  3. Select the Payment requests tab                            
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