Transaction Log

The Transaction Log report displays individual transactions entered into your database; customizable filters allow you to generate specific transactions if needed.

The Transaction Log can be found in the Reconciliation Reports section of the Financial Dashboard.

  1. Select the enrollment year for which you would like to view transactions
  2. Filter which transaction types to include on the log.
    1. Note that any reversed transactions will display in the log as 2 transactions - the original transaction plus a second reversal transaction that zeroes out the original. By selecting 'Reversal' as a transaction type, the transaction log will include reversals for any of the other transaction types selected.
  3. Filter transactions according to their payment methods (applies to 'payment' and 'refund' transactions only)
  4. Filter transactions according to their assigned  transaction category
  5. Filter transactions according to which payment schedule they've been placed on. "None" refers to transactions that are not placed on a payment schedule.
  6. Apply a date range to filter transactions according to their "date created" (i.e. which date the transaction was posted within CampSite)
    1. Reversals are dated according to the day the transaction was reversed - not when the original transaction was created. If a date range filter is applied to this report, only reversals that were completed during this date range will be included in the log.
  7. Apply an amount range to filter transactions of a certain amount.
  8. Filter according to text in the description of the transaction (enter fill or partial text to match)
  9. Click Run Report to generate the transaction log.

The Transaction Log will display all transactions that meet the filter criteria you applied before running the report. Scroll down to view your results.

To save the report,

  1. Double click to print the report results
  2. Double click to export the report results as a spreadsheet
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