Release Notes - June 15th, 2022

Today’s release features the following updates and improvements:

Bug Fixes:

  • For admin users using our mobile responsive layout, the 'mark as received' and 'delete submission' functions for the family forms page is now working properly.
  • For camps with our Camp Today Media (blogging) module, we fixed a bug that occasionally caused videos to not playback correctly.


New feature: Color-coding campers!

  • Today we released the first part of a new feature for labeling campers with a yearly "custom color" (regardless of their enrollment status). For now, you can only view a camper's custom color when on their profile, but as early as next month, we’ll add the option to display campers' custom colors on other tools, starting with Bunking boards (and eventually Enrollment Requests; Advanced Reports; and more).
    To apply a custom color to a camper, go to their profile, select a year tab, then open the "Basic Info" sub-tab underneath (click here for a screenshot). Note: Custom colors are not shown to parents. Also, this feature is not available on our mobile layout yet.

We’ve updated the password recovery process when a user forgets their password. 

  • Now, when admin or front-facing user (parent, staff, guest, donor) uses the ‘What’s my password?’ tool on the login page, they’ll be emailed a link to reset their password instead of having a password created for them. We’re going to continue implementing this new reset process for all other instances where a password is assigned, so keep an eye out for more updates on this in future releases.
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