Release Notes - May 11th, 2022

Today's release features some exciting improvements:

We've revamped the Enrollment Requests page!

  1.     We added more filters. You can now filter requests by camper grade/age; gender; and the payment method they selected to pay with. Checkmark the corresponding checkbox and apply the criteria, then update results.
  2.    You can now track/delete Incomplete requests. A new ‘Incomplete’ tab displays the enrollment options that campers selected on their enrollment form but never finished enrolling for. Admins can also delete enrollment options, which will deselect them from the camper’s enrollment form and remove the camper from the ‘Incomplete’ tally in the enrollment option’s Pipeline Overview as well. Learn more by clicking here.

We created a new “Enrollment” merge field for enrollment request date and time.

  •     This field generates the date and time when a camper submitted their enrollment request, e.g. "12-01-2021 3:05pm". As usual, you can click the field column header to sort the report results by this field, i.e. view campers chronologically by when their requests were submitted.
  • We also updated the following existing 'date' fields to also include a timestamp: Family ‘Lead date’; ‘Submitted date’ for forms; and’ Created date’ for Notes.

For camps with our Transportation module, the transportation form now has a new setting (“Transportation group shares bus capacity?”) for controlling how the bus capacity is calculated.

  • This setting determines whether or not a bus capacity is shared by all sessions within the transportation session group. By default, it's set to 'No' (which is how the bus capacity has always been calculated) - where each individual session in the session group is allotted the full bus capacity. To learn more, please click here.
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