Why can't I add a certain Enrollment Extra to a camper's account?

Enrollment extras are tied to the enrollment option bundle(s) that the camper selected to enroll for. In order to add an extra to a camper's account, the extra must be added to the camper's enrollment option bundle(s).

To add enrollment extras to an enrollment option bundle, navigate to Step 9 of the Camper Setup Wizard, locate the bundle, access the current extras for it, and click to Add enrollment extra. To learn more, click here.

If you moved a camper to a new session using the 'Manage Sessions' tool, this tool does not update the camper's enrollment options/bundles. This means the camper will still be associated to the bundle/option they originally enrolled for and may only add extras relative to that bundle.

Remember that the 'Manage Sessions' tool should not be used if the camper wishes to attend a session that's built into a different enrollment option/bundle. Instead, you should unenroll the camper and re-enroll them. To learn more, please read our support article on "How do I change a camper's enrollment?"

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