Step 9: Enrollment Options

Camper Setup Wizard

Enrollment options are created by bundling camp sessions with a tuition plan, deposit, and enrollment extras, into a single option for parents to select on your enrollment form.

For each enrollment option, you also have the ability to:

  • Ask specific questions
  • Restrict enrollment by gender, grade, age, or an advanced report
  • Passcode-protect enrollment
  • Add a tag so that parents can filter for the option
  • Associate a payment schedule group, allowing parents to select any payment schedule within the group if they choose to only pay the deposit at the time of enrollment
  • View a pipeline overview of all the requests that exist for that particular option

Note that parents can select as many enrollment options as they want when filling out the enrollment form.

Enrollment options can be managed in Admin > Camper > Setup wizard > Step 9: Enrollment Options.

Adding a New Enrollment Option

There are 2 steps to creating a new enrollment option. First, click the +Add enrollment option... link.

  1. Enter the name of the new enrollment option
  2. Enter a description
  3. Choose whether or not the enrollment option should actively display on the enrollment form ("no" = the option is not actively displaying, so parents cannot select it).
  4. Click Add enrollment option.

Next, double click the 3 dots to expand the enrollment option and create at least 1 bundle.

Enrollment Option Tabs


Each enrollment option must contain at least 1 bundle. Bundles allow you to associate sessions with a certain tuition plan, deposit, and enrollment extras. Each enrollment option may have one or more bundles for parents to choose from, but parents can only choose 1 bundle per enrollment option.

To create a bundle, select +Add bundle...

  1. Enter the name for the new bundle
  2. Set the number of sessions the parent must select if they choose this bundle
  3. Select the tuition plan for the bundle
  4. Select the session choices.  

If the [number of sessions] equals the number of [session choices] you checkmark, parents will not be prompted to select a session--they'll be enrolled into the exact [session choices] you've checkmarked. 

If the [number of sessions] is less than the number of [session choices] you checkmark, parents will be asked to choose which sessions they want, out of the [session choices] you checkmarked. 

  1. Select whether or not to make the bundle active (visible) on the enrollment form
  2. Select enrollment extras to offer to parents who select this bundle
  3. Click Add bundle

Next, CampSite will ask whether or not you wish to set a deposit for this bundle. If you answer yes, enter the following information to set up the deposit:

  1. Which transaction category the deposit should fall under
  2. Whether to charge the deposit as a flat amount or as a percentage
  3. The numerical amount for the deposit
  4. If you select percentage as the deposit type, choose whether to take that percentage from the full amount (tuition plan + enrollment extras) or just the tuition plan

The new bundle is now added. For each existing bundle, you can:

  1. Click and drag the 'rearrange' icon to change the order of the bundles
  2. Double-click to update the bundle name, tuition plan, or change the active status for this bundle. A bundle that is not active is not available to parents.
  3. Click to view the sessions associated with this bundle. Sessions cannot be changed after the bundle has been selected by someone on your enrollment form.
  4. Click to change the deposit amount
  5. Click to add/edit/remove enrollment extras for this bundle
  6. Double-click to delete a bundle. Bundles cannot be deleted after they have been selected on a camper's enrollment form - instead, they can be made inactive by double clicking the pencil icon.

Adding/Editing/Removing Extras on an Existing Bundle


1. Locate the specific enrollment option bundle for which you want add/edit enrollment extras, and then click the link in the Extras column for that bundle. Note: this link will display the number of extras currently assigned to the bundle, e.g. "None"; "1 extra";"2 extras", etc. 

Adding Extras

 Note: You must first create the enrollment extra on Step 6 of the Setup Wizard before you can add it to an enrollment option.

Click + Add enrollment extra...

 Select the enrollment extra to add

  1. Configure whether or not this extra is mandatory. If mandatory, the extra will be automatically selected for the camper, and parents will not be able to deselect the extra.
  2. Configure whether or not this extra is active. If an extra is not active, parents will not see it on the enrollment form. Admins may still apply inactive extras to a camper's account manually.
  3. Configure whether or not parents may return to the enrollment form after their enrollment request has been submitted to purchase the extra
  4. Add the enrollment extra

Editing/Removing Extras

  1. Click and drag the 'rearrange' icon to change the order of multiple extras bundles
  2. Double click the current mandatory setting to change it
  3. Double click the current active setting to change it
  4. Double click the current 'Available after enrollment?' setting to change it
  5. Double click to delete the enrollment form for this particular bundle. Note: If a camper has already selected the extra, it cannot be deleted; in that case, make the extra not active to remove it from the enrollment form.


Enrollment Option Questions

Enrollment option questions allow you to customize the questions a parent must answer based on the enrollment option they select for their camper.

Any questions you add here will only  be asked of parents who select this particular enrollment option.

  1. Select whether or not parents may change their responses to these questions after submitting the enrollment form.
  2. To add a new question, click +Add question...


  1. Type your question
  2. Select the question type to determine how parents will respond. For more information on question types, click here.
  3. Select whether or not the question is mandatory
  4. Select whether or not the question is active
  5. Click Add question

The new question will be added.

  1. Click and drag to reorder questions
  2. Double-click the question to edit it
  3. Click the current response type to change it
  4. Double-click to change whether or not a question is mandatory
  5. Double-click to change whether or not a question is active
  6. Double-click to delete a question. Questions may not be deleted once they have been answered on an enrollment form.


Setting restrictions allow you to limit enrollment options to only display on the enrollment form for campers matching specific criteria. Enrollment options can be set based on age or grade, as well as gender. Also, you can further restrict an option to only show to campers who appear or do not appear on a particular saved report you've created.

  1. Select the "Gender" checkbox to set a gender restriction.
  2. If you've selected to set a restriction by gender, select which gender to allow to enroll into this option
  3. Select the "Grade" checkbox to set a restriction by grade or age. Then, choose either "grade" or "age"
  4. If you've selected to set a restriction by grade or age, select the grade or ange range to allow to enroll into this option
  5. Select the "Report" checkbox to set a restriction based on a saved advanced report
  6. Select "appears on report" or "does not appear on report", and then select one of your saved Advanced Reports. This will then restrict this option to only display to the campers who are appearing or not appearing on that report.
  7. Click Save changes


Enrollment options with a passcode can only be accessed if parents enter the passcode into the passcode box on the enrollment form.

To make an enrollment option hidden until a valid passcode is entered, click +Add passcode...

  1. Select one of the passcodes you've created on Step 8
  2. Click Add passcode

Enrollment Option Tags

Allow parents to filter the enrollment options presented on your enrollment form by applying tags to each option.

To utilize enrollment option tags, create the tag and then associate the tag to the relevant enrollment options.

  1. Click to open the Enrollment option tools
  2. Click on "Enrollment option tags" 

Tags are organized into different tag categories. To create a tag, first add a new a category under which you'll save that tag:

  1. Click on "Add new tag category...".
  2. Give a name to the category.
  3. Click "Add tag category".

To create tags within that category:

  1. Double click on the three dots to expand the tag category.
  2. Click "Add new tag..."
  3. Name the tag.
  4. Add tag.

To add apply a tag to an enrollment option, return to Step 9: Enrollment Options.

Expand the enrollment option you wish to tag, and:

  1. Select the Tags tab
  2. Checkmark the tag(s) that apply
  3. Save changes

Now, when parents select a tag on your enrollment form, only the enrollment options with which this tag is associated will display on the form.

Payment Schedule Groups

This tab only appears if payment schedules are first created in Step 4: Payment schedules.

Select one of the Payment schedule groups that you created in Step 4 to be associated with this particular enrollment option. Once a payment schedule group is designated here, at the checkout page, parents who select this enrollment option will be asked to select one of the payment schedules you've created within this payment schedule group (if they don't opt to pay in full at the time of enrollment).

Pipeline Overview

The pipeline overview tab displays a high-level look at the number of new, approved, waitlisted, rejected, and incomplete requests you have for this particular enrollment option.

  1. See a visual of all your requests, broken down by the request status. Hover over a portion of the chart to see what percentage you have of those requests
  2. See a count of how many new, approved, waitlisted, rejected, and incomplete requests you have.

Click the count for a particular status to view a list of campers who have a request with that status.

Archive Enrollment Options

To disable parents from enrolling for a particular enrollment option, archive that option to remove it from your enrollment form.

Administrators can still view archived enrollment options on the admin side of CampSite; they can also manually enroll campers into archived enrollment options as well.

Unarchive Enrollment Options

To allow parents to register for an archived enrollment option, unarchive the option to return it to your enrollment form.

First, access all your archived enrollment options by clicking the "Show archived enrollment options" at the bottom of the list of all of your active enrollment options.  

Next, double click to expand the option you wish to unarchive.

Finally, click to "unarchive enrollment option" and the option will become active on your enrollment form again.

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