Step 9: Enrollment Options

Enrollment Options are the main programs that you run at camp each summer and the first choice that a parent will make when enrolling their child (e.g. 'Day Camp', 'Sleepaway Camp).

For each enrollment option, you have the ability to do the following:

  • Create a bundle of sessions with associated tuition plans, deposit and enrollment extras
  • Ask enrollment option specific questions
  • Set restrictions for whom the enrollment option is available to

Enrollment options can me managed in Admin > Camper > Setup wizard > Step 9: Enrollment Options.

Adding a New Enrollment Option

Adding a New Enrollment Option

To add a new enrollment option, click +Add enrollment option...

  1. Enter the name of the new enrollment option
  2. Enter a description
  3. Select whether or not the enrollment option should be active on the enrollment form
  4. Click Add enrollment option.

The new enrollment option will be added.

Double-click the vertical dots to edit the enrollment option.


Bundles allow you to associate a combination of sessions with a tuition plan, deposit enrollment extras. Each enrollment option may have one or more bundles for parents to choose from.

To create a bundle, select +Add bundle...

  1. Enter the name of the new bundle
  2. Set the number of sessions the parent must choose when selecting a bundle
  3. Select the tuition plan for the bundle
  4. Select the session choices
  5. Select whether or not the bundle should be made active on the enrollment form
  6. Choose the enrollment extras that should be available when the bundle is selected
  7. Click Add bundle

You will be prompted to select whether a deposit is required or not. If Yes, enter the information for the deposit amount and category, then click Save changes.

The new bundle will be added.

  1. Click and drag to reorder bundles
  2. Double-click to edit the name of the bundle
  3. Click to view the session choices. Session information cannot be changed after the bundle has been selected on an enrollment form
  4. Double-click to change the tuition plan
  5. Click to change the deposit amount
  6. Click to manage enrollment extras. Here Extras can be made active or in active by double clicking under "Active?" and selecting "yes" or "no"
  7. Double-click to change whether or not a bundle is active
  8. Double-click to delete a bundle. Bundles cannot be deleted after they have been selected on a camper's enrollment form

Enrollment Option Questions

Enrollment option questions allow you to customize the questions a parent must answer based on the enrollment option they select for their camper. You can select the question type when creating each question in order to determine the most appropriate response from families:

  • Header: Large, bold text that can be used to divide questions into individual sections.
  • Paragraph: Text that does not have responses. Paragraphs can be used to provide instructions or additional information.
  • Small text: Short response fields, fewer than 100 characters
  • Large text: Large response fields, more than 100 characters
  • Dropdown list: Created in Admin > DB Management > Dropdown lists
  • Yes / no
  • Whole number
  • Money / Decimal
  • Date
  1. Select whether or not parents may make changes to enrollment option question responses after submitting.
  2. To add a new question, click +Add question...
  1. Question
  2. Type
  3. Select whether or not the question is mandatory
  4. Select whether or not the question is active
  5. Click Add question

The new question will be added.

  1. Click and drag to reorder questions
  2. Double-click to edit a question
  3. Click to change a question type
  4. Double-click to change whether or not a question is mandatory
  5. Double-click to change whether or not a question is active
  6. Double-click to delete a question. Questions may not be deleted once they have been answered on an enrollment form.


Setting restrictions allow you to limit enrollment options to only display on the enrollment form for campers matching specific criteria. Enrollment options can be set based on gender and/or age or grade. Also, restrictions can be selected to appear or not appear on certain reports.

  1. Click the "Gender" checkbox to set a gender restriction.
  2. If you've selected to set a restriction by gender, select the gender for which you would like to make the enrollment option available.
  3. Click the "Grade" checkbox to set a restriction by grade or age. Use the dropdown to select the appropriate restriction option.
  4. If you've selected to set a restriction by grade or age, select the range for which you would like to make the enrollment option available.
  5. Click the "Report" checkbox to set a restriction by report.
  6. Select a specialized report that you have created in Advanced Reports to further restrict who has the ability to see/not see this particular enrollment option.
  7. Click Save changes


If your camp wishes to further restrict an enrollment option from displaying on the enrollment form, you can add a passcode, which must be entered in order for the enrollment option to be revealed on the enrollment form.

To make an enrollment option hidden until a valid passcode is entered, click +Add passcode...

  1. Select a passcode, created on Step 8
  2. Click Add passcode

The new passcode will prevent families from seeing the enrollment option until entering the valid code on their child's form.

Payment Schedule Groups

This only appears if Payment schedules are first created in Step 4: Payment schedules

Select one of the Payment schedule groups that you created in "Step 4: Payment schedule groups" to be applied to a particular session.  

Archive Enrollment Options

If you wish to hide an enrollment option from parents to prevent it from being selected in future enrollments, you can archive the enrollment option by clicking "Archive enrollment option".

  1. Click here to archive enrollment option
  2. Click here to reveal archived enrollment options.  Also, the option to restore archived options to active can be found here

Enrollment Tags

Enrollment Tags

Click on "Enrollment option tags" to open up the window to create tag options


  1. Click on "Add new tag category...".
  2. Give a name to the category.
  3. Click "Add tag category".
  1. Double click on the three dots to open up the subcategory tag.
  2. Give a name to the option tag.
  3. Add tag.

Now under the individual sessions you have the option to assign tags for each session.  For camps with many enrollment options, it can be difficult for parents to find the program they're looking for. Enrollment option tags were designed to help solve that problem.

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