How do I change a camper's enrollment?

There are two ways to change a camper's enrollment, depending on how your enrollment options are configured and which sort of change the camper has requested.

Manage Sessions

Use the Manage Sessions tool if a camper has requested to swap sessions within the same enrollment bundle they originally enrolled for.

For example, Jill enrolled for the "Four Weeks" bundle for Camp Firewood and selected Weeks 1-4 for her sessions. Now, she wants to attend Weeks 5-8 instead. Since Jill still wants the Camp Firewood "Four Weeks" bundle - she just wants to change which 4 weeks she attends - her sessions can be changed using the Manage Sessions tool.

To learn more about how to use the Manage Sessions tool, click here.

Un-enroll and Re-enroll

If the camper has asked to enroll for a different enrollment option entirely, or even just a different bundle within their original enrollment option, you cannot use the Manage Sessions tool, since the camper isn't just swapping sessions. 

Instead, you'll need to un-enroll the camper from the enrollment option/bundle they no longer want, and re-enroll the camper into the new enrollment/option bundle they want to attend instead.

Changing Options

For example, if a camper requested to attend the Camp Firewood All-Stars enrollment option instead of Camp Firewood, the camper needs to be un-enrolled from Camp Firewood and enrolled into Camp Firewood All-Stars instead.

Changing Bundles

Or, if a camper wants to stay enrolled in the Camp Firewood option, but change from the "Four Weeks" bundle to the "Full Summer" bundle, the camper needs to be unenrolled from Camp Firewood, "Four Weeks", and enrolled in Camp Firewood, "Full Summer" instead.


To learn how to unenroll a camper, click here. If you un-enroll the camper from all of their enrollment options, you can also select to have CampSite automatically reverse the camper's charges (i.e. the fees for the camper's enrollment). Otherwise, if you're unenrolling the camper from some but not all options, you'll need to manually remove (reverse or delete) those fees from the family's profile page. Click here to learn how reverse/delete transactions.


To learn how to enroll a camper, please click here. Upon enrolling the camper, new transactions will be added to the family's financials for the associated enrollment. If you want to refrain from debiting the family again, select "no payment now" in the Payment Information section of the enrollment process.

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