Manage Sessions

Use the Manage Sessions tool if a camper has requested to swap sessions within the same enrollment bundle they originally enrolled for. 

The Manage Sessions tool can also be used if your camp built the wrong session into an enrollment bundle and you need to correct which session(s) a camper is enrolled in.

If you're unsure if this applies to you, read below.  To jump straight to learning how to manage sessions, click here.

What are "bundled sessions"?

When creating your enrollment options for your enrollment form, you need to create bundle(s) where you select which session(s) the camper will be placed into upon enrolling for that bundle. You can select just one session, or you can select multiple sessions (where the camper either gets enrolled in all of those sessions; or they have to "pick" from multiple sessions).

For example, in the screenshot above, the Camp Firewood enrollment option contains 8 different bundles, each containing multiple sessions. Campers who add the Camp Firewood option then must select a bundle based on how many weeks they want to attend. Then, they must "pick" their sessions, i.e. which specific weeks they want out of all 8 weeks available (e.g. "pick 4 of 8").

If a camper enrolled for "Four Weeks" and selected Weeks 1-4, but wants to switch to Weeks 5-8 instead, use the Manage Sessions tool to make these changes.

When NOT to use Manage Sessions

  • If your camp does not bundle multiple sessions together for campers to "pick" from (like shown above)
  • If a  camper requests to enroll in a different bundle (e.g. "Five Weeks" instead of "Four Weeks")
  • If a camper requests to enroll in a different enrollment option

Instead, you should un-enroll and then re-enroll the camper.

How to Manage Sessions

1. Action Menu

Open the Action Menu on the camper's profile and click "Manage sessions..."

2. Manage Sessions

The current sessions the camper is enrolled for will already be selected.  

  1. Deselect the session(s) the camper wishes to remove, and select the new session(s) they wish to add.
  2. Click "Update Sessions" to save changes.
  1. To confirm which sessions the camper is currently enrolled for, look beneath their name on their profile page.
  2. However, the camper's enrollment request will still reflect the original sessions that the camper requested, so do not refer to "enrollment requests" to verify a camper's current sessions.

3. Updating Session Accruals

Managing a camper's sessions does not automatically update the camper's session accruals for the charges/discounts that were originally created for their enrollment. 

Session accruals impact your camp's Camper Accrual Transaction Log, Camper Accrual Summary (By Session), and Camper Accrual Summary (By Accrual Period) financial reports when generating the total amount of charges/discounts allocated to specific camp sessions.

To update the camper's session accruals, an admin must manually adjust the sessions assigned to each relevant charge/discount. First, double click to edit the transaction; then, adjust the session breakdown within the transaction details. 

To learn more about editing transactions, click here.

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