Camper Accrual Transaction Log

The Camper Accrual Transaction Log generates a list of charge and discount transactions per camper, broken down by the sessions they've been assigned to.

  • This report does not include payment, credit, or refund transactions (because these transactions are not tied to specific sessions - only charges and discounts are.) 
  • That said, this report represents what you've charged (asked families to pay), but not the actual payments you've received.

First, navigate to the Financial Dashboard by clicking the Financial link in the top navigation bar.

Next, go "Camper reports" and select "Camper Accrual Transaction Log."


Filter which transactions display in the report results.

  1. Choose which enrollment year to report on
  2. Filter transactions by transaction type
    • By selecting 'Reversal', the report results will account for reversals of any of the other transaction types that are also selected - e.g. selecting "Charge" and "Reversal" will generate all original charges, and then deduct the charges that were later reversed.
    • Click here to learn more about reporting on reversals.
  3. Filter transactions by transaction category
  4. Filter transactions by the sessions they're assigned to
  5. Filter transactions by their description
  6. Filter transactions of a certain amount range. Leave blank to search all amounts.
  7. Filter transactions based on the date they were created. Leave blank to search all dates.
  8. Click Run Report to generate your results


 If a charge or discount is not assigned to a session, it will not populate in the Camper Accrual Transaction Log. 

To fix this, use CampSite’s Accrual Assigner, which identifies all charges/discounts that are not currently assigned to a session and allows you to assign them as needed. 

Learn more by clicking here.

Report Results

  1. Double click to print or export the report, and view how many transactions were found
  2. For each transaction, view the following details:
    • Family ID: The ID number for the family to whom the transaction belongs
    • Transaction ID: The unique ID number assigned to each transaction
    • Created: The date the transaction was created
    • Created by: How the transaction was created
    • Camper: The name of the camper that the transaction is associated with (only relevant to Charges and Discounts )
    • Type: The transaction type (charge, discount, payment, refund, credit, or reversal)
    • Session: The session to which the transaction is assigned.
    • Accrual Period: If applicable, the name of the accrual period the session/transaction falls under. Click here to learn more.
    • Category: The category assigned to the transaction
    • GL Code: The ledger code tied to the transaction category with which the transaction is associated. Manage ledger codes in the Camper Setup Wizard Step 3.
    • Description: The description assigned to the transaction.
      • For pre-defined transactions, the Description is the name for that pre-defined transaction (e.g. Tuition Plan name)
      • For transactions that were created manually, the admin user types the description when creating the transaction
    • Amount: The full amount of the transaction.
      • Charges and will display as a positive number
      • Discounts will display as a negative number
      • Reversals will display as the inverse of the original transaction

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page to view the grand total of all transactions in the report results.

This figure represents the revenue you can expect to receive when all of the above charges have been paid for.

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