Release Notes - April 11th, 2024

Today's release features the following updates and improvements:


  • Admins can now set a custom date range to control which transactions appear on a family's financial statement. Note that reversed transactions still do not appear on a financial statement, even if they weren't reversed during the custom date range you've entered. To learn more, click here.
  • For camps using our API, the API will now:    
    • auto-increment ID numbers when POSTing new family, campers, staff, groups, guests, and donors.
    • include payment schedule data on the Transactions endpoint.
  • For camps using the Parent Dashboard Translation feature - you can now customize how certain terms translate. For help, contact support.

Bug Fixes

We also fixed the following bugs:

  • The CSI Gateway report will no longer error out if chargebacks or returns appear in the results.
  • We released another improvement to the process for merging duplicate staff accounts.
  • We fixed a bug where, in a very specific scenario, some parents got an error to select a payment schedule when checking out on the enrollment form but no schedules displayed for them to select.
  • We also fixed a bug where campers were being waitlisted despite camps having waitlisting disabled, if they selected an enrollment option that was initially available but became full in the middle of enrolling. Now, parents will receive an error at checkout if their selected option(s) have become full, and must go back and change their selected options in order to successfully submit.
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