Family Profile: Transactions Tab

The Transactions tab provides a summary of the family's account balance (per year). 

Admin users can also add, reverse, and delete transactions to alter the family's balance as needed, and obtain PDF financial statements.

Financial Notes

Here, admins can view/add/edit notes regarding the family's financials. Financial notes are not accessible by parents - only by administrative users (who have been granted "Financial management" permission for the Camper's module).

Financial notes can be accessed from the family's profile and within the results of the Family Summary report; they can also be generated in mass via Advanced Reports.

  1. Type within the textbox to add/edit a financial note.
  2. Click "Save financial notes" to apply your changes.


Transactions are organized into two sections: charges & discounts and payments, credits, & refunds.

Charges and Discounts

Charges and discounts are located on the lefthand side of the Transactions tab and are organized by camper.

A charge represents the price asked for a service or good (e.g. the cost to attend a session; the price of an enrollment extra; etc.), while a discount represents a reduction in the usual price asked for a service or good.

All camper charges and discounts are totaled together to calculate the family's total charges that they need to pay for that enrollment year.

  • To learn more about charges and discounts (including how to create and/or reverse them), click here.

Payments, Credits, and Refunds

Payments, credits, and refunds are listed on the righthand side of the Transactions tab.

Unlike charges and discounts, these transactions are not associated with specific campers, so they're organized into one chronological list.

A payment represents money that your camp has received from the family. A credit is like a form of payment in that it reduces the family's balance without transacting funds via your payment gateway/debiting the family. A refund represents payment that your camp returned to the family.

All payments, credits, and refunds and are totaled together to calculate the total payments that have been made.

  • Learn more about payments, credits, and refunds (including how to create them), in our respective Support Articles:

Highlighted Transactions

The yellow highlight indicates that the transaction is not associated to the family's payment schedule, which means that the family's invoice(s) will not include the transaction. The transactions included on an invoice determine the amount that the family is asked to pay, so "missing" transactions can result in the family being under or over-invoiced. 

If the family's invoice(s) should include this transaction, update the "payment schedule" setting for the transaction.

To do that, double click the "i" icon to edit the transaction details.

In the transaction details pop-up, find the Payment schedule field and double click on the word "None".

Select the payment schedule from the dropdown menu that opens and then click OK to save your changes. 

When you close out of the pop-up window and refresh the family's profile page, the transaction will no longer be highlighted yellow.

Current Balance

The family's current balance is calculated by subtracting the total payments for the year from their total charges for the year.

  1. View the family's current balance for the enrollment year that's been selected.
  2. Double click to download a PDF copy of the family's itemized statement.
  3. Double click to attach a PDF copy of the family's itemized statement to an outgoing email.


A statement provides a list of every transaction on the family's account for a specific enrollment year and their current total balance (i.e. a sum of all charges minus all payments).

Note that transactions that have been reversed or deleted will not display on the family's statement.

Custom Date Range

By default, the statement includes all non-reversed and non-deleted transactions for the corresponding camp year, but you can control the time frame of the statement by entering a custom date range, if needed.

If you enter a custom date range, only transactions dated within that date range will appear on the statement (for the corresponding camp year that you're working under). Note that reversed transactions still do NOT display on the statement, even if they were not reversed during the custom date range that you enter.

To include all transactions for the corresponding camp year you're working under, leave the date range blank.

Statement Example

  1. Your camp's logo image.*
  2. Your camp's address.*
  3. The family's home address
  4. All active transactions on the family's account (for the specific enrollment year that the statement was generated for)
  5. The family's current balance (i.e. a sum of all charges minus all payments)
  6. Custom text that your camp has added to all statements. Add/edit custom text by going to Admin>Campers>Financial: Communication>Custom text to display on all statements.
  7. A list of all sessions that every camper within this family is currently enrolled for. Toggle whether or not to display sessions on statements by going to Admin>Campers>Financial: Communication>Show session dates of campers on all statements

*If you wish to change your logo or address, please submit a request to CampSite support.

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