What can we do with CampSite's API?

We currently offer API endpoints for automating the following actions:


  • Add a new family
  • Update an existing family
  • Get info for a given family
  • Delete a family


  • Add a new camper
  • Update an existing camper
  • Get info for a given camper
  • Delete a camper


  • Add a new staff member
  • Update an existing staff member
  • Get info for a given staff member
  • Delete a staff member


  • Create a new group
  • Update an existing group
  • Get info for a given group
  • Delete a group


  • Create a new guest
  • Update an existing guest
  • Get info for a given guest
  • Delete a guest


  • Create a new donor
  • Update an existing donor
  • Get info for a given donor
  • Delete a donor


  • Add a new medication
  • Get info for a given medication
  • Delete a medication

Advanced Reports 

  • Get the results of an advanced report                       


  • Create financial transactions
  • Get a list of financial transactions                       


  • Enroll a camper
  • Get a summary of enrollment information for a given year (number of enrollment requests received; total enrolled per session, etc.)

Custom Fields       

  • Create a new custom field value  
  • Create or update a custom field value
  • Get a value for a given custom field

Once you purchase API access for your CampSite database, we'll provide you with all of the API endpoints your developer will need for automating the actions listed above.                      

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