How do I add a credit card processing fee to the enrollment form?

CampSite does not include a feature for adding fees to transactions.

The enrollment extras feature allows camps to add additional fees to a camper's enrollment balance, which could be used to implement an additional fee to cover credit card processing (e.g. a mandatory 3% enrollment extra on each of your enrollment option bundles on Step 9).

If creating a mandatory enrollment extra for processing fees, please keep in mind:

  • Enrollment extras are calculated from the tuition price of the bundle that the camper selects to enroll for. If you offer other extras for purchase, they will not be subject to your processing fee extra.
  • Enrollment extra fees are added to the camper's balance, so if a family is on a payment schedule, they'll pay the total amount of their processing fees gradually. For example, if tuition is $1000 and there's a mandatory 3% enrollment extra, the family will be billed $1000 + $30 ($1030 total). Once their balance is fully paid, they will have remitted $1000 towards tuition and $30 towards credit card fees.
  • All campers enrolling for the bundle with the mandatory enrollment extra are subject to it - even if they end up not paying by credit card.
    • However, it's possible to create an automatic discount based on the payment method selected at checkout (e.g. "is not credit card"), to "offset" the enrollment extra processing fee.
  • If you allow parents to make payments via the parent dashboard, they're free to do so using whichever payment method they want - meaning, even if they selected 'checking account' on the enrollment form, they could make a credit card payment towards their balance later. If that happens, an admin user must manually adjust the amount of their processing fee so that it only reflects the credit card payments they've made.

Overall, keep in mind that the enrollment extras feature was not designed for credit card surcharging, so utilizing it as such will likely require some manual admin work to ensure accuracy. Camps who require full payment at the time of enrollment and only accept credit cards for payment are best suited for this solution.

To learn how to create new enrollment extras, click here.

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To learn how to create an automatic discount, click here.

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