Release Notes - September 16th, 2021

Today’s release features the following updates and improvements:

  • FIXED: For camps who process ACH payments, we’ve improved the data collected for returned ACH transactions so they include the family name (instead of saying "unknown") in your weekly email notification and the CSI Gateway Report. Some transactions may still say the family is “unknown”, in which case you should search for the transaction in your CSI portal to confirm the name of the associated account holder.
  • FIXED: We fixed a bug that occurred when printing someone’s submission for a form that includes multiple response questions. Now, the correct responses will display on the print out, just like they appear within CampSite.
  • FIXED: For camps with our text messaging module, we fixed a bug that caused the & symbol in your messages to appear as HTML code.
  • FIXED: When generating camper ‘Age’ into an Advanced Report, campers with no age (i.e. no date of birth) will show as having a blank age value instead of ‘Unknown’. This fixes an issue that prevented accurate sorting by ‘Age’ if any campers had no age on file.
  • NEW: For camps with our Medical module, every camper medication now includes a new “created by” field that indicates who added the medication originally. Find this value in the medication details, by double clicking the “i” icon for the medication on the camper’s profile. Also, the camper’s history log will now record when an admin adds a medication to a camper’s profile manually.
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