How do I restrict a form to only appear for certain campers/staff applicants?

Forms can be restricted to display only to certain campers or staff applicants who "appear on" OR "do not appear on" on a saved advanced report that you've created. When a report restriction is in place, CampSite will generate the report each time a camper or staff applicant loads the Forms page to determine whether or not to display the restricted form.

  1. Create and save an advanced report with the proper parameters to capture your targeted sub-group.
  2. In the form settings, go to Restrictions, and select either "appears on report" or "does not appear on report", depending.
  3. Next, under "Restrict on report", select the saved report you created.
  4. Click to "update form."

For example, say you want to display an I-9 form to only the staff applicants who have been hired. Create and save an advanced report that captures hired staff only, and then edit the "Restrictions" of the I-9 form so that it's restricted to applicants who appear on the report of hired staff you created.

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