How do I set up payment schedules?

Payment schedules are stored in groups. The entire group of schedules is then associated to an enrollment option so that campers enrolling for that option can select one payment schedule from that group.

First, create the schedules; then, associate them to your enrollment option(s). 

To create the schedule(s): 

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Click Step 4: Payment Schedules
  3. Click to add a new payment schedule group
  4. Click on the payment schedule group that you added
  5. Click to add a new payment schedule
  6. Enter the payment schedule settings/date(s) and submit.
  7. Create additional payment schedules if desired. Creating multiple payment schedules allows parents to choose one schedule from the group.

Next, associate this payment schedule group to enrollment option(s) so that the schedules appear on your enrollment form:

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Click Step 9: Enrollment Options
  3. Double click the 3 dots for the enrollment option you want to offer payment schedules for
  4. Click the Payment schedule group tab
  5. Select the relevant payment schedule group from the dropdown menu
  6. Click Save changes
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