Can I customize the options available for gender?

Yes. Camps can control exactly which values appear in the gender dropdown menu via their database dropdown list settings.

To locate the gender dropdown list in your database:

  1. Go to the Admin page
  2. Select the DB Management tab
  3. Select Dropdown lists
  4. Find and click Genders to expand the current list of available values

Remove existing values as needed (either double click to delete; or, set them as 'admin only' for internal use only). Add additional values by typing a new value into the text box and clicking the 'add value' button. To learn more, click here.

Note that the provided Genders dropdown list links to CampSite's standard gender question within every module (e.g. campers, staff applicants, event guests, etc.) In areas where data is color coded by gender, "Male" gender is represented in blue and "Female" gender is represented in pink/red. Any other gender value will be represented by gray/white.

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