I got an email that a checking account transaction was returned but the family is "Unknown". How do I find which family it’s for?

  1. Identify the accountholder for the transaction by logging into your Constellation Payments portal and searching for the 'payment gateway ID' number of the returned transaction.
    • Find the payment gateway ID in the 'payment gateway returns' email you received.
  2. Search your CampSite database for the accountholder name listed for the returned transaction.
    • Please note that the CampSite search function can only locate families by the parents/campers listed on the account. If the checking accountholder is not a parent listed on the account, searching for the accountholder name will not yield any results.
    • In that case, you can attempt to locate the returned transaction by generating the Checking Account Transactions report and looking for a transaction of the same amount/to the same account number. To filter your results to transactions of the same amount, apply an 'Amount' filter before running the report. Then, review the "Account" column in the results.
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