Release Notes - March 11th, 2021

Today’s release includes the following features and improvements:

Bug Fixes: 

  • Address pins now load correctly on CampSite’s map tool (e.g. the “Family Radar” map and bus maps within the Transportation module).

  • The parent dashboard setting to “hide waitlisted enrollment options on the enrollment status page of the Parent Dashboard” now correctly hides those options as intended.

  • When mass printing form submissions (from the Camper Forms page) where submissions include multiple responses to multiple choice questions, the responses will now be formatted correctly.

  • When using CampSite’s responsive admin layout, family forms being restricted by a report will now display correctly on the family’s profile.

New Features:

  • For camps that process ACH (checking account) transactions, we’ve reinstated the ability to refund payments made via ACH. To refund an ACH payment, open the original ACH payment transaction on the family’s profile and click to “refund the full payment.” To learn more, click here.

  • For camps using our Events module, you can now enable CAPTCHA when a group or guest creates a new account to prevent spam accounts from being created. For now, enabling CAPTCHA for the campers module will also enable it for groups/guests. Control your CAPTCHA settings for campers via Step 1 of the Camper Setup Wizard. Click here to learn more.

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