Release Notes - February 22nd, 2021

Today’s release includes the following features and improvements:

  • We fixed a bug that was preventing automatic emails with an attached file from being successfully delivered to the recipient. If you had an attachment saved on any automated camper/staff applicant confirmation emails or you scheduled an email that included an attachment, those emails were not being delivered successfully. As of the afternoon of February 22nd, the underlying issue has been resolved and you can now include an attached file on these automated emails again.
  • For camps with our Staff module, the minimum age requirement for your staff application now asks for the date as of when the staff should be the required age.
  • For camps with our Texting module, text messages that include accented characters will now display correctly to the recipient.
  • If you’re using our responsive admin layout for CampSite, when hiring a staff person under our Staff module, you can now assign them to a camper bunk using a dropdown menu.
  • For camps with our Events module, you can now elect to present guest forms during the individual registration process. The forms can also be made required for registration.
  • Camps can now trigger multiple automatic email events related to a camper’s non-enrollment. Previously, campers would only receive (1) email even if they were captured by multiple events.
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