Parent Dashboard: Attendance Preferences

Attendance preferences allow parents to indicate whether or not each camper within the family is permitted to check themselves in/out of camp without an adult present.

Families can manage their Attendance preferences via the Authorized Pickups tab of the Parent Dashboard or via the Forms step of the enrollment process (if you've configured your settings to collect Authorize Pickups during enrollment). Click here to learn more about the Forms step of enrollment.

Note: You can control whether or not parents are presented 'Attendance Preferences' via your Attendance module settings. Click here to learn more.

Authorized Pickups Tab

To access the Authorized Pickups tab, click the Authorized Pickups link in the left sidebar menu.

Attendance Preferences are located at the bottom of the Authorized Pickups page.

Each camper within the family will have their own settings. Select yes or no to indicate whether or not the corresponding camper can check themselves in/out without an adult, then click Save Changes.

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