Parent Dashboard: Create New Authorized Pickups

Families can manage their Authorized Pickups via the Authorize Pickups tab of the Parent Dashboard or via the enrollment form (if you've configured your settings to collect Authorize Pickups during enrollment).

Click here to learn more about the Forms step of enrollment. To learn more about updating your Authorized Pickup settings, click here.

Authorized Pickups Tab

To access the Authorized Pickups tab, click the Authorized Pickups link in the left sidebar menu.

+ Add Authorized Pickup

Next, click the button labeled + Add Authorized Pickup.

  1. Click to add a photo of the Authorized Pickup.
  2. Fill out the information fields regarding the Authorized Pickup.
  3. Click Add Authorized Pickup.

Note: You control which fields of information are collected on Authorized Pickups (and which fields are mandatory) via your Authorized Pickup settings. To learn more, click here.

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