Release Notes - October 23rd, 2020

Today's release includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • When logging attendance using CampSite’s Attendance module, CampSite will now reference the active days to make sure the correct session is displayed during attendance logging. This impacts campers attending multiple sessions with the same start/end dates but different “active days.”
  • To help ensure that Advanced Reports run smoothly, users can now add a maximum of 75 fields to a single report.
  • Under CampSite’s Staff module, we fixed a bug regarding the sent email that’s displayed under the Emails tab of the applicant’s profile after an admin user resets the applicant’s Staff Dashboard password. Now, the email address to which the password reset email was sent will properly display under the “Action” column for that message.
  • Under CampSite’s Events module, a new warning message has been added to the “Unregister” wizard to notify admins that any related refunds must be processed before unregistering the guest/group. 
  • Under CampSite’s Program module, we fixed a bug so that CampSite will now refer to the camp’s actual timezone (instead of UTC) when an admin creates new activity periods within a cycle. As a result, camps can now freely add unlimited periods within a given cycle day. 
  • We’ve fixed the load times on CampSite’s Family Map and Family Radar tools so that they now load families within seconds (like they used to!)
  • Previously, admin users needed “Edit” permissions for the Campers module in order to access a camper’s forms for previous enrollment years. Now, users only need “Admin” permissions to the Campers module to access previous forms.
  • CampSite’s CSI Gateway Report has been updated to sync with some recent reporting changes made by CSI, so that ACH returns now generate properly within the CSI Gateway Report results.
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