Guest Profile: Forms Tab

  1. Create new form categories and assign existing or new forms to them. Please see Camper forms for further explanation on how to create and manage forms.
  2. Move or copy a form within the selected category and move it to a new categorical destination (i.e.permanent, yearly).
  3. Add new Permanent, or Yearly forms. Be sure to click on the individual forms in order to add questions to them. (make sure to select the year you want the form to apply to if creating a Yearly Form)

Events forms from the guest profile

Guest forms appear within the Forms tab and are organized into Permanent and Yearly. You can use the Forms tab to track the submission status of Forms.

Viewing forms

  1. Click the name of a form to open the Form viewer.
  2. Click "Mark as received" and a stamp saying Yes, and the date will appear next to it.
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