Health History & Printed Medical Forms - Overview

Note: This article demonstrates how parents access medical forms from within their parent dashboard. If you need help creating/editing these forms as an administrator, click here to learn about printed medical forms and click here to learn about digital health history forms.

All medical forms created within CampSite's Medical module can be submitted via the Forms tab of the Parent Dashboard.

Families can also access Medical forms during the enrollment process if you've configured your medical form(s) to display during enrollment. Click here to learn more about the Forms step of enrollment.

Forms Tab

To access the Forms tab, click the Forms tab in the left sidebar menu.

Select a Camper

Select a camper to access their medical form(s).

Medical Forms Section

Scroll down to the "Medical forms" section to access the health history forms and printed medical forms.

Please note:

  • Medical forms will not display until the camper has begun the enrollment process for the corresponding year.
  • Medical Forms will also not display if you've administratively locked the Camper's Medical Profile. Click here to learn more about locking/unlocking medical profiles.

Health History Forms

The web-based medical forms that come provided with the medical module are called "Health History Forms." Parents complete these forms by typing their responses into each form, straight from the parent dashboard.

By default, the health history forms that are included with the Medical module appear as 4 separate web forms for the parent to complete. However, each camp can customize their health history forms via their Admin settings. To learn more about customizing health history forms, click here.

To learn more about the parent's process for completing health history forms (the questions included on these forms), please read our corresponding support articles by clicking here.

Printed Medical Forms

If needed, camps can also create "printed" medical forms to allow parents to provide copies of medical documents to your camp (by uploading a file from their device).

Printed medical forms will appear beneath the Health History Forms (with a "Printed form" label beneath the form title).

To learn more about the parent's process for completing printed medical forms, click here.

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