Release Notes - February 7th, 2024

Today's release features the following updates and improvements: 

  • 🪲 Bug fixes:   
    • Camp Today Facial Recognition is working properly again.
    • The Lead Tracking page now displays the correct months at the top of the page (i.e. the total leads for the current and last 3 months). 
    • The "Temporarily revert to original profile" feature for loading a profile page in legacy when using the responsive admin dashboard is working properly again.
    • Medical forms can again be printed in bulk by Session when using the Responsive Admin Design.
    • When creating a Package in the Conference + Retreat module, you can now successfully add facilities, equipment, and meals where the default rate is set to 'none.'

  • 🌟 New features/improvements:      
    • The family profile page now records a history log whenever an invoice is deleted from any of the family's payment schedule(s) (whether via their profile or during the Generate Invoices step of batch invoicing).
    • The Transaction Log now includes filters for filtering Donor transactions into/out of the results.
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