Release Notes - September 20, 2016

  • Our latest release introduces the option of yearly deposits, for camps that wish to capture deposits once per year rather than per enrollment. In CampSite's current enrollment process, deposits are collected for each enrollment option a camper selects. For camps that have many programs throughout the year, this may not be the ideal way to collect deposits. For camps that want to capture only one deposit for each camper per camp season, yearly deposits are now available.
    • Yearly deposits can be any fixed amount, and can be collected once per family or once per camper for a given year. When a yearly deposit is enabled for a given year, deposits for enrollment options are automatically disabled.
    • If you are interesting in switching to this new deposit mode and have questions about how this may work for your camp, please feel free to contact our support team.
  • Bunking terminology ("Division", "Bunk" and "Bunking Boards") can now be customized for your camp. The new names will appear anywhere these terms are used in CampSite. You can configure these custom terms in Admin -> Campers -> Bunking Boards.
  • The "locked" / "unlocked" status of medical profiles for individual campers and staff is now reportable through Advanced Reports.

Our development team is hard at work on major initiatives for the 2017 season - stay tuned for more details coming in the near future!

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