Tracking Camp Program Financials In CampSite

One of the most useful aspects of reporting in a camp software solution is the ability to determine earnings for individual camp programs.

With the accrual accounting component to CampSite's core financial system, all charge and discount transactions posted in CampSite are associated with specific sessions, which allows camps to generate  generate reports on the earnings they can expect for each camp session.

Pre-defined Transactions

For "predefined" charges and discounts (e.g. tuition plans, enrollment extras, enrollment discounts, transportation charges), your camp will be asked to define the "session" when creating the transaction. The session selected will determine how accrual associations are determined each time a transaction is created.

Camps have two options when defining the "session" for a predefined transaction: to explicitly define a specific session for the transaction; or, to have CampSite automatically assign the session based on the context of the purchase.


Camps can explicitly define the "session" when creating a predefined transaction to always have the charge/discount accrue to the selected session.

For example, Camp Firewood creates an enrollment extra called 'Week 1 After Care'. Camp Firewood wants all revenue for this extra associated only with Week 1 (even if a camper is enrolling in multiple weeks of camp), so the camp defines the "session" as "Week 1" when creating the extra.

As such, every $100 After Care transaction that's created will be associated with the Week 1 session with regards to reporting on expected earnings for After Care.


Camps can allow CampSite to "automatically" assign the session  based on the context of the purchase.

For example, Camp Firewood creates an enrollment extra called 'After Care' that they'll offer for all 10 weeks of camp. They want revenue for this extra to be associated with whichever sessions the camper is enrolling in, so they select 'Automatic' for the 'Session when creating the 'After Care' enrollment extra.

As such, when a camper enrolls in Weeks 1 - 4 and purchases After Care, the After Care charge is automatically split evenly between the four sessions, like so:

As such, Weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4 will each reflect $25 of expected earnings for After Care.

Manual Transactions

When manually creating a new charge or discount transaction via the family's profile page, admins will be required to specify which session to assign to the transaction.

Only one session can be selected when initially creating the transaction, but you can add more sessions after the transaction is created via the transaction details modal. For more information, read below.

Altering Accrual Assignments

Users can review and modify the session associations to a transaction after the transaction has been created via the transaction details modal on the family's profile page.

  1. Add another session breakdown to this transaction.
  2. Select which session to associate to the transaction.
  3. Type the amount to associate to this particular session. Note that all session assignments must add up to the total transaction amount.
  4. Delete a session assignment.
  5. Save the session assignments for this transaction.

Accrual Financial Reports

Once your camp has configured their session associations correctly, and transactions are being created, CampSite's "accrual" reports will allow you to take advantage of this data:

Accrual Assigner

If a charge or discount is not assigned to at least 1 session, you'll need to assign the session(s) manually.

CampSite's Accrual Assigner tool can help you assign the proper session to those transactions.

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