Release Notes - June 28th, 2016

We have a minor release to kick off the summer - there are many exciting new off-season features coming in time for Fall 2016, so stay tuned!

Transaction categories are now yearly

You can now turn on and off certain transaction categories for particular years - this allows you to maintain an accurate transaction history, while clearing up things for future years.

Admin: Family tab

We've added a 'Families' tab to the Admin page - this new tab contains all of the family-related items that previously lived in the 'Campers' tab (e.g. Saved e-mails, Documents, etc.)

New event: Camper enrollment inactivity

We've added another new event to our events / actions sytem: camper enrollment inactivity.  This event is triggered when a new camper has not enrolled for a given number of days.  You can create a new action (send a saved e-mail, create a new task, or both!) via Admin-> Campers-> Tasks.

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