Release Notes - May 8, 2016

This release features major new functionality and improvements to our attendance module for Summer 2016!

Improvements to staff-driven attendance

Staff-driven attendance has received several improvements, including the ability to check in campers by division, filter by camper name and undo check-ins.

Paper-based attendance logging

Camps can now generate paper attendance logs, for checking in campers "offline". Paper check-ins can be logged into CampSite after the fact via the Camper Profile, which now allows manual selection of check-in  date + time.

Camper attendance logs

You can now print or export a camper's attendance log for the summer from their Camper Profile. Camper attendance logs contain the details of each of the camper's check-ins for the summer.

Attendance conflict report

The new Attendance conflict report allows camps to compare check-ins across checkpoints for a given day, to find potential discrepencies or errors.

Disable Attendance PINs for parents and Authorized pickups

If your camp uses Authorized pickups but does not use parent-driven check-in, attendance PINs can be disabled from the Admin -> Campers -> Attendance tab. Once disabled, authorized pickups will not receive their PINs via text message when added to the system.

Attendance data on bus reports

For camps who have both the transportation and attendance modules, you can now incorporate attendance data into bus rosters and counts, to omit any campers who are absent for a given day.

New event: Staff application inactivity

We've added another event to our new events / actions system: staff application inactivity. This feature allows you to automatically send a saved e-mail or assign a task to a CampSite admin user when a staff applicant is inactive on their application for a selected number of days.

Customizable gender dropdown

For camps who wish to customize the 'Gender' dropdown, this can now be done via the 'Genders' dropdown list (in Admin -> DB Management -> Dropdown lists).

Minimum staff application age

You can now restrict the age of staff applicants - applicants who are not older than the desired age will receive an error message after submitting the first page of the staff application. This setting can be managed via Admin -> Staff -> Application: Settings.

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