Release Notes - March 22nd, 2016

This release is the second of our Spring transportation updates. This release focuses on improvements to transportation reporting. Transportation reports are available from a new section at the top of the Transportation Dashboard.

Turn-by-turn directions

You can now generate full turn-by-turn directions for several routes at once. The results include an overview map, followed by step-by-step directions between each stop.

Bus rosters

Bus rosters are a quick and simple way to generate list of campers for each bus and vehicle. Several options are available, including generating rosters for a single day or across an entire week.

Bus counts

The bus counts report provides a quick overview of bus capacity, availability and ‘percentage full’ for a selected day or date range.

ACH returns

For camps that have integrated with the Constellation Payments gateway and have enabled ACH payments, notifications are now available for returned payments. You can opt-in to these notifications in the user management tab (Admin -> DB Management -> Users). Notifications are delivered every Monday morning and contain a list of any returns that have occured in the past 30 days.

Sibling discount behavior update

The behavior of enrollment discounts that utilize a ‘sibling’ discount has been updated to reflect the most common use cases of this criteria. The new behavior does not apply sibling discounts to additional enrollments by the same camper.

Archiving enrollment options

Enrollment options can now be ‘archived’ from the enrollment options management page. Archiving replaces the active / inactive setting that was previously available. Archiving an enrollment option has the same effect as making it inactive would have, but now hides it from view on the management page to make the list of options easier to navigate.

E-mail notifications when tasks are created

Task assignees will now be notified via e-mail when a task is created and assigned to them.

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