Financial improvements release for Sunday, July 31st

This weekend marks the second release of our planned financial system improvements.

We are very excited to launch one of our most highly requested features, multiple payment schedule support! 

One of our goals at CampSite is to support the broadest range of camps possible - from traditional, full season residential programs, to week long day camps - and everything in-between. With the introduction of multiple payment schedule support, we build on that mission by allowing our customers to use CampSite in ways that were not previously possible. Camps can handle financials and invoicing for several programs in one system, allowing a family to, for example, pay off their summer camp balance while maintaining a separate set of invoices for school.

The new system is easy to setup and configure - payment schedules operate in the same way they did before, but can now be organized into groups, such as “Camp” and “School”. Each enrollment option in CampSite is then associated with one of these groups, and transactions for that enrollment option (tuition charges, enrollment extras, deposits) are automatically added to the correct payment schedule.

When a parent checks out, they are prompted to select a payment schedule for each group they are enrolling in. For subsequent enrollments in the same group, the system works as it does now - the family will remain locked in to the payment schedule for that group, and any new transactions will automatically be added to that schedule.

For camps that do not need the complexity of multiple payment schedules, nothing changes. Existing payment schedules will be migrated to the new system without needing to take any action. The tools and workflow will remain the same for managing payment schedules, generating invoices and running auto pay batches.

If you have any questions or feedback on this new functionality, please feel free to reply directly to this e-mail.

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