Release Notes - May 25, 2016

E-mail signatures

E-mail signatures are a way to add custom signatures to e-mail sent from CampSite, without having to create duplicate copies of your camp's e-mail template! A new dropdown on the e-mail composition page allows users to select the appropriate signature - the selected signature will be added after the body of the e-mail. The signature will also be  preserved when creating or updating a saved e-mail. E-mail signatures can be created and managed from Admin -> DB Management -> E-mail signatures.

"Read-only" printed forms

Many camps use the CampSite custom forms system to upload informational material for campers and staff - for example, a camper handbook or staff reference guide. Printed forms can now be set to "read-only" mode, which hides the "Upload" button that may confuse parents or staff when downloading read-only material.

Easier tour rescheduling

You can now reschedule a tour from the Family profile with one-click, rather than having to remove the existing tour appointment then add the new one in separate steps.

Staff-driven attendance check-in by bunk

Users can now check  in campers by bunk via the staff-driven attendance check-in tool. This is in addition to the "check in by division" feature included in our last release. Bunk name can now also be included on the attendance report.

New enrollment discount criteria

A new automatic discount criteria is now available: number of enrollment options matching a given pattern. This is a powerful new criteria that matches enrollment option names against provided terms. For example, a discount could be given to campers who enroll in 3 enrollment options containing the term "Morning" in their name. If you'd like help setting up discount criteria to take advantage of this new feature, please contact our support team.

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