Release Notes - April 15, 2016

This release is the third and final of our major Spring transportation updates.

If you missed our "What's new in Transportation for 2016?" webinar on April 20th, you can view the recording here!

This release focuses on improvements and additional functionality for the transportation form.

Custom transportation questions

Custom questions can now be added to the transportation form. You can create and manage custom questions on the session group profile. Responses can be viewed on the camper profile and in Advanced Reports.

Require same bus / bus stop for both directions

You can now require parents to select the same bus for both arriving and departing, as well as the same bus stop (if the bus is a 'Defined stops' route). You can enable this requirement on the session group profile.

Transportation exceptions report

The new transportation exceptions report provides a list of transportation exceptions for a given day, as well as the camper's original transportation information.

Advanced Reports: New fields and mass editing for transportation

"Vehicle name" (for 'Central location' and 'Door-to-door' routes), "Stop name" (for 'Defined stops' routes) and "Stop time" (for 'Central location' and 'Defined stops' routes) are now available as Advanced Reports and merge fields.

You can now also edit transportation methods, bus assignments and bus stop / vehicle assignments from Advanced Reports. You can access this functionality by adding 'Method', 'Bus name', 'Stop name' and 'Vehicle name' to an Advanced Report and then clicking the 'Edit' button.

Bus counselor improvements

We've added a number of new features to help manage bus counselor assignments. Bus counselors can now be assigned to specific stops on 'Defined stops' routes. Bus counselors assignments can be viewed and managed from the Staff Profile, as well as viewed from Advanced Reports.

Camper notes in Advanced Reports

You can now add camper notes as a field in Advanced Reports, via the new 'Notes' tab.

Custom e-mail for new staff applicants

You can now customize the e-mail new staff applicants receive, via Admin -> Staff -> Application: Settings.

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