Why can't I select Credit Card as an available refund method?

In order to issue a "New Refund" to a family's credit card, the "Allow partial credit card refunds" setting in your database financial settings must be set to "Yes."

When this setting is set to "No," the "Method" dropdown in the New Payment modal will not include credit card as an option, as pictured below:

Note: Instead of using the New Refund function, you can also refund a family by returning one of their previous payments. To learn more about how to create refunds, click here.

Configuring your Financial: Settings to allow Partial Refunds

Navigate to the admin page, open the Campers tab, and then select the "Financial: Settings" sidetab.

After saving your changes, the "New Refund" modal on the family profile will include "Credit card" in the method dropdown, like so:

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