Release Notes - February 12, 2016

Advanced Reports Enrollment Option Restrictions

Advanced Reports criteria can now be applied as restrictions on Enrollment Options:

  • On the Enrollment Options setup page (Admin > Campers > Setup Wizard > Step 9: Enrollment Options), double-click the grey dots next to an enrollment option, then select the ‘Restrictions’ tab. In addition to the existing Age, Grade and Gender restrictions, you may select a saved Advanced Report that a camper must appear on, or must not appear on, in order to see the Enrollment Option.
  • Campers must meet all restrictions on the Enrollment Option in order for it to be available during the enrollment process.

Advanced Reports Grouping

Advanced Reports results can now be ‘grouped’ by any field to create separate lists.

  • After adding a field to an Advanced Report, double-click the    icon to organize results by that field. Grouped fields will be indicated with the    icon.
  • Each field grouped field will have its own section. Grouping multiple fields will return a group for each combination.
  • If multi-value fields are used and separated, individuals will appear in each group for which they match field criteria.

Missing Forms Report

A new option is available above Advanced Reports results to generate a list of missing forms for all campers on the report. This report can be used to e-mail families with reminders of any Permanent, Yearly, Session, Medical or Transportation Forms that have not been submitted. The forms must be active in order to appear on this report.

Notes Categories

Notes on Profile Pages may now be categorized in order to allow for better organization and permissions.

  • A new user permission has been added in Admin > DB Management > Users to allow for Administrative creation of Notes Categories for Campers, Staff, Alumni or Events. Once this permission has been enabled, the user will be able to create Notes categories in the corresponding section of the Admin menu.
  • When creating a new category, you'll be prompted to select the users who have access to the category. Users can be added to or removed from existing categories by double-clicking the pencil next to the category.
  • On the Notes tab of a profile page, a dropdown is available to view all notes in a specific category. Adding a new note will put it in the category selected.
  • Double-clicking the pencil next to a note will allow you to move it to another category.
  • When printing notes, users will be prompted to select the categories to include in the printed batch.

Product Updates

Miscellaneous product enhancements, including:

  • Payments and Refunds may now be reversed on the Financial tab of the Family Profile for use on voided or returned transactions. Reversing electronic transactions does not void them within the payment gateway.
  • Staff phone number can now be used in the search bar
  • The Events Dashboard login page can optionally include links to the Group or Guest registration or request for information forms. These are toggled in Admin > Events > Events Dashboard.
  • New multi-value fields for “Division name” and “Bunk name” have been added to Camper Advanced Reports
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