Release Notes - January 9, 2016

Forms Updates

Several updates have been made to the Camper and Staff Forms:

  • Custom Camper Forms have new settings available to prompt and require forms to be completed during the enrollment process. Forms collected during the enrollment process will be presented between the ‘Questions + Extras’ and ‘Checkout' steps.
    • Instructions can be added to this step of the enrollment process in Admin > Campers > Parent Dashboard.
  • Camper and Staff Forms may now have restrictions applied, allowing them to only display for individuals appearing, or not appearing, on a specific Advanced Report.
    • A new field has been added to Camper Advanced Reports for “Enrollment option + bundle name (including not checked out)”. This can be used to filter for specific enrollment options that campers selected to prompt for forms to be completed during enrollment based on specific enrollment options.
    • Advanced Reports that are used for form restrictions cannot be deleted until the form restriction is removed.
  • Camper Medical Forms can be integrated into, and required, during the enrollment process with settings found in Admin > Camper > Medical.
    • Each section of the Health History Form has settings available by double-clicking the pencil icon to edit the form settings.
    • If the Camper Health Care Form is enabled for parents, additional settings will appear to display and require the form during enrollment.
  • Staff Medical Forms may be made available to staff before they are hired using a new setting in Admin > Staff > Medical.
  • For camps using Attendance and Authorized pickups, additional settings have been added to Admin > Campers > Attendance to capture authorized pickup information during enrollment, and require up to 2 authorized pickups be added.

Product Enhancements

Miscellaneous product updates, including:

  • Parent names and phone numbers may now be used in the search bar. These results will populate in the 'Families' section of the search results.
  • Administrators will receive e-mails daily at 7:00 AM with any tasks assigned to them for that day, as well as any past due tasks.
  • A new option have been added to Admin > Staff > Miscellaneous to only show new staff applicants in the Staff Lead Browser.
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