Release Notes - January 27, 2016

Advanced Reports

Several updates have been made to the management of saved Advanced Reports:

  • Advanced Reports Categories are now available for improved organization of saved reports. Categories can be created by selecting “Advanced Reports Management” from the Advanced Reports page. You will be prompted to select a category when saving a new report.
  • Existing reports can be moved between categories on the Advanced Reports Management page by double-clicking the pencil icon next to a report
  • The permissions model has been updated to allow for Read and Admin permissions:
    • When a new report is saved, the user who created the report will be considered a report Admin. All other users will be given Read permissions.
    • Users with Admin permissions can change the permissions on a report by clicking the “Permissions” button on the Advanced Reports page, or by double-clicking the lock next to a report on the Advanced Reports Management page.
    • Permissions can be added for a single user to multiple reports using the “Mass permissions changes” option on the Advanced Reports Management page.

Custom Fields

Updates to custom fields, including:

  • Year and Session fields can now be associated with specific database years or sessions by double-clicking the pencil next to a custom field in the Admin menu. Fields will only show on profile pages and in Advanced Reports for years are sessions they are linked with.
  • Permanent custom family and camper fields now have “Read-only” and “Edit” options for visibility on the Parent Dashboard.
  • Family fields can be viewed or edited in the “My Account” section of the Parent Dashboard.
  • Camper fields can be viewed or edited by selecting a camper within the “My Account” section of the Parent Dashboard.
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