Release Notes - June 12, 2015


Additional updates have been made to the Attendance module to allow for parent-driven check-in and checkout from a central location at camp. This feature is designed with an iPad interface.

From the Attendance Dashboard, an additional option for Attendance logging (Parent-driven) has been added.

  • On this page, select a checkpoint and direction
  • A page for PIN entry will open. Returning to the administrative page will require a password, managed in Admin > Campers > Attendance.
  • On the PIN page, the parent or Authorized Pickup can enter their six digit PIN code. PIN codes are sent by text message to Authorized Pickups when they are created.
  • After entering the PIN, all campers the adult is able to check in or out will display. Select a status, then click “Submit”.
  • Camp may also choose to require a signature for each check-in and checkout logged through Parent-Driven Attendance. This setting is managed in Admin > Campers > Attendance. Signatures for each attendance check can be viewed by selecting the date from the 2015 > Attendance tab of a camper’s profile.

Please be sure to review the information on the Attendance section of the Support Portal.

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