Scheduled Medication Delivery Log

The Scheduled Medication Delivery Log allows you to track camper medication deliveries based on a selected date and delivery time.

The Scheduled Medication Delivery Log can be accessed in the Medication Delivery Section of the Medical Dashboard and is designed to be easily used on an iPad or tablet.

  1. The calendar will automatically default to the current date.
  2. The session selection will default to the current or closest session based on the current date.
  3. Defaults to all divisions to delivery to, or select individual divisions to deliver to.
  4. Defaults to all bunks to deliver to, or select individual bunks to deliver to.
  5. The medication delivery will default ot the nearest delivery based on the current time.
  6. Campers may be ordered alphabetically, or by division or bunk.
  7. Click "Start delivering"

Campers matching the selected criteria will display, along with their basic information and number of medications scheduled for the selected delivery time.

Clicking on an individual camper will expand their medication information.

Medication details will display, including dosage, notes and critical flags.

To mark a medication as Delivered or Missed, click the appropriate box.

  1. Enter delivery notes, if any
  2. Click "OK" to confirm

After a camper's medications have all been marked as Delivered or Missed for the delivery time, they will disappear from the list.

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