Printed Medical Forms

Parents can provide copies of medical documents to your camp by uploading files via the Printed Medical Forms you create.

Parents can access your printed medical forms within the "Medical Forms" section of the forms page, beneath your Health History Forms.

Medical Forms Section

In the example above, Camp Firewood created a printed form (as indicated by the label beneath the form name) to allow parents to upload an immunizations file (e.g. a scanned copy of the camper's immunizations sheet from the doctor).

Please note that no medical forms will display until the camper has begun the enrollment process for the corresponding year.

Printed forms are completed by clicking the name of the form, uploading the necessary file, and submitting the form.

If you upload a blank form that parents need to download and complete, a 'download' button will also appear on the screen pictured above, allowing parents to download the blank form first.

To create printed medical forms, go to the "Medical Management" section of the Medical module dashbord.

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