Part 2 - Immunizations

By default, "Health History Form, Part 2" collects immunizations (including chickenpox and TB test history).

To customize this form, navigate to the "Health History Form Configuration" section of the Medical settings within the Admin tab. To learn more, click here.

Form Header

Custom instructions added to "Health History Form, Part 2" will appear just below the name of the form, as pictured above.


  1. Custom instructions added to the Immunizations section will appear here.
  2. This text is built into the medical form and can't be updated or removed.
  3. Immunization dates are entered here by clicking "Select..." and choosing the correct month + year from a dropdown menu.

Note that parents can also choose "None" instead of a date if their camper hasn't received a particular dose.

Chickenpox and TB

The bottom portion of the immunizations section collects information regarding chickenpox history and TB test results.

Sign & Submit

Each page of the health history form must be signed before submitting.

  1. The person completing the form must type their full name as a signature.
  2. The form is saved/submitted to your camp by clicking the 'Submit Form' button at the bottom of the page.

Note that if you've made any of the question sections on this page mandatory, page cannot be submitted without completing those sections first. You can control which sections are mandatory via your health history form configuration settings. To learn more, click here.

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