Medication Deliveries

Customize the different times available for medication deliveries.

  • Parents must select at least one delivery time for every medication they enter on your Health History Form, to indicate when your camp should administer it to the camper. Click here to see an example.
  • Admins generate medication delivery lists per delivery time.

To manage Medical Deliveries, access the Medical Dashboard by clicking the Medical link in the navigation bar.

Medical Dashboard

Select "Medical Deliveries" from the Medical Management Section.

Add Deliveries

Your database comes with "as needed" (for PRN medications), but you can create your own additional deliveries for specific times of the day (e.g. Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner, etc.)

Click "+Add new medication delivery..." to create an additional delivery

  1. Enter the name of the medication delivery
  2. Select the scheduled time for the medication delivery
  3. Click Submit

Note: When filling out your health history form, parents see only the name of the delivery - not the specific time.

Edit Deliveries

Double click directly on the current delivery name or time to edit it. Type the new name or select a new time, then click OK to save changes.

Remove Deliveries

Double click the delete button on the far right to delete a delivery.

Note: Medication deliveries cannot be deleted if any medication delivery logs exists for it already.

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