Setting Blackouts

Blackouts can be set for Campers within selected divisions or bunks, preventing them from being scheduled for a phone call through the Parent Dashboard for a particular time slot. The blackout can be overwritten on the administrative side of CampSite through the Camper Profile should a camper need to be scheduled during the blackout.

Blackouts can be set for both new and existing tour slots.

Setting blackouts for new phone call slots

Click "+Add new call slots..."

  1. Select the phone call time
  2. Select the number of phone call slots available during the call time
  3. Click "+Blackout divisions / bunks..."
  1. Select entire divisions the blackout applies to
  2. Click "+Blackout by bunk..." to set blackouts for individual bunks
  1. Select individual bunks the blackout applies to
  2. Click Add new call slots.

The new phone call slot will be added. Hovering over the shaded corner will reveal blackout details.

Setting blackouts for existing phone call slots

To create a blackout click on the pencil under the time slot.

  1. Select which Division and Bunks the blackout applies to
  2. Click "Save blackout changes"

Gray shading in the corner of the phone call slot indicates that there is a blackout. You can view blackout details by hovering your mouse over the shaded area.

Note: Copying phone call slots that have a blackout will also copy the blackout.

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