Creating Phone Call Slots

  1. Select the session for which you would like to create call slots
  2. Select the date within the session on which you would like to create call slots
  3. Click "+Add new call slots..."
  1. Select the phone call time
  2. Select the number of phone call slots available during this time (i.e. the number of Campers that can make a phone call during that time)
  3. Blackout by division or by bunk
  4. Click "Add new call slots"

The new call slot has been added. Click "+Add new call slots..." to add additional phone call slots for the day.

  1. Click to toggle camper details for the phone call time slot. This will display the camper's profile photo, division, bunk and phone number they should call.
  2. Click the printer icon to print a list of Campers assigned to this call slot with details about the call type and the number they should call.
  3. Click the yellow pencil to set blackouts during the phone call time slot.
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