Logs (Health Center Visits & Communication)

View/manage all of the Health Center Visit Logs and Communication Logs for a camper via the Log tab of their profile page.

Health Center Visit Logs

Admin users can create Health Center Visit Logs to document the visits that a camper has made to the Health Center.

Existing Logs

View all of the existing logs for this camper for the selected year.

Open a Log

Click the paper icon to view the full details of the log.

Open a Log Attachment

If a log has an attachment, click the attachment filename on the right to open the file.

Note that .jpg and .jpeg files should open within your browser. PDF files may open in your browser or download to your device, depending on your personal browser settings.

Edit an Open Log

Continue editing and/or close any open logs by double clicking the pencil icon for it.

Only "open" logs remain editable so you can continue to document ongoing treatment. Once treatment has concluded, the log can be closed. Closed logs are no longer editable.

Delete a log

If needed, permanently delete an open log by double clicking the delete icon on the far right.

Once an open log is deleted, it cannot be undeleted.

Closed logs also cannot be deleted.

Create New Health Center Visit Logs

Create a new log for the present camper by clicking the "+ Add log entry..." link.

After clicking this link, you'll be redirected to the log entry page.

For help creating a health center visit log, click here.

Communication logs

Admin users can create Communication Logs to document conversations with the camper's parent/guardian regarding the camper's health.

Existing Communication Logs

View the existing logs that have already been created for this camper.

To edit an existing log:

  1. Double click the current 'spoke with' data to edit it
  2. Double click the current 'notes' to edit them
  3. Double click to delete a log

Create New Communication Logs

New log entries can be created by clicking the "add communication log entry" link.

In the pop-up window that opens, provide the details on the conversation that was had regarding this camper's health.

  1. Enter who was spoken with about the camper's health
  2. Provide notes about the conversation
  3. Submit and create the communication log

Please note that communication logs can only be accessed from each camper's profile; they cannot be generated in mass.

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