Medical Dashboard

Use the Medical Dashboard to manage certain medical settings, record scheduled medication deliveries and health center visits, and generate medical reports.

 To access the Medical Dashboard, click the Medical link in the navigation bar.

Medical Dashboard

Click the links below to learn more about a particular feature.

1. Health Center Visit Logs

Begin new log entry: Log a camper's visit to the health center using a mobile friendly interface. Record the camper's symptoms, course of treatment, disposition, and the attending staff member.

View open logs: Access all of the open health center visit logs that require follow-up/still need to be closed.

Recent log activity: View all logs created over the last 72 hours.

Log archives: Generate a report of all health center visit logs.

2. Medication Delivery

Scheduled medication delivery log: Log the delivery status of scheduled medications for campers and/or staff.

Medication delivery report: Generate a report of all medication deliveries (past or future).

3. Medical Reports

Medical profiles: Generate/print camper and staff health history form data in mass.

Medical awareness list: Generate/print all health history form data that admins have marked as 'critical'.

Medication delivery list: Generate/print all camper/staff medication deliveries for a specific date.

4. Medical Management

Manage additional settings for the medical module, including custom medical forms.

Medication delivery statuses: Customize the different delivery statuses admins can select when logging a camper's or staff's medication delivery.

Medication deliveries: Customize the different delivery times for medications. Parents/staff must select from these times when entering their medications on the health history form. Admins will generate their medication delivery lists based on these times as well.

Medical dropdown lists: Customize the responses that can be selected from dropdown lists that appear to parents/staff when completing certain questions on your camp's health history forms.

Medical log items: Customize the options that admins can select when creating a health center visit log.

Camper/Staff printed medical forms: Manage additional "printed" medical forms that campers/staff need to complete. These forms require a physical file to be uploaded (i.e. a PDF or image file). Also, print submissions of these forms in mass.  

Custom medical questions (Campers/Staff): Create additional custom questions for campers/staff to answer when completing your health history forms.

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